Retterwerk in Hall

Hall in Tyrol, austria
category: business


client: MB Immobilien Besitz- und Leasing GmbH

Architect: Mayr (Salzburg)

costs: 3,8 Mio. €

comissioning: 2003

herbrich b15 retterwerk01
herbrich b15 retterwerk02
herbrich b15 retterwerk03
herbrich b15 retterwerk04
herbrich b15 retterwerk05
herbrich b15 retterwerk06
herbrich b15 retterwerk07
herbrich b15 retterwerk08
herbrich b15 retterwerk09
herbrich b15 retterwerk10


Technical description

Building extension: new garage

  • The new designed hall (approximately 48,20 x 37,00 m) includes additional workshops and a parts warehouse. The workshop area is planned for the ground floor and the first floor.
  • The workshops in the first floor can be reached from the parking deck. The parking spaces are roofed and accessible via a ramp.




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