Salzburg, austria
Categories: Business, Office


services: structure planning, static, foundation, excavation support

client: INOVUM Design GmbH

Architect: Kada Wittfeld (Aachen)

costs: 40 Mio. €

comissioning: 2015


herbrich a 10 inovum01
herbrich a 10 inovum02
herbrich a 10 inovum03
herbrich a 10 inovum04
herbrich a 10 inovum05
herbrich a 10 inovum06
herbrich a 10 inovum07


Technical description
  • Triple storied design-office-hotel-ring with plinth building
  • Consisting the basement, two ground floors and the Beletage with large open areas
  • Support structure with high degree of difficulty
  • Two ground floors constructed as “White Basin” according to OVBB-guideline
  • Plinth building in the basement with large spans and prestressed ceilings (grids of 12 to 12 metres)
  • Triple storied steel composite construction for the “self-supporting circular building” with framework in facade surface
  • Mathematical verification of the steel composite construction in event of fire (full-scale tests)
  • Foundations with baseplate were enabled with light-weight constructions despite of low bearing capacity of the ground.
  • All-round excavation support with anchored sheet pile walls, sealed to keep it watertight




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