Europark II

Salzburg, Austria
Category: Business


Services: structure planning, static, foundation, EIA proceeding

client: Europark Errichtungs GmbH

Architect: Massimiliano Fuksas (Rom)

costs: 75 Mio. €

comissioning: 2005


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Technical description
  • Harmonic extension of the EUROPARK- shopping centre
  • In contrast to the existing building the new part is characterized by organic forms
  • Europe largest one-level underground car park was built under the whole area of EUROPARK (shopping centre including Ikea)
  • The entire underground car park is built as "White Basin"
  • Non-composite prestressed concrete supporting-structures up to 20 metres span and composite constructions
  • Parking level: reinforced concrete composite construction
  • Roof construction: steelwork




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