Tower Salzburg Airport

Salzburg, austria
category: Infrastructure


services: structure planning, static, foundation

client: Salzburger Flughafen GmbH

Architect: Halle 1, Herbrich Consult, IPC

costs: 15 Mio. €

comissioning: 2011


herbrich a 21 tower03
herbrich a 21 tower04
herbrich a 21 tower05
herbrich a 21 tower06
herbrich a 21 tower07
herbrich a 21 tower08
herbrich a 21 tower09
herbrich a 21 tower10
herbrich a 21 tower11
herbrich a 21 tower12
herbrich a 21 tower13
herbrich a 21 tower14
herbrich a 21 tower15
herbrich a 21 tower16
herbrich a 21 tower17
herbrich a 21 tower18


Technical description
  • New construction of the airport tower in Salzburg
  • Total height approximately 55 meters
  • Shaft in slip-form construction
  • Built as “White Basin”
  • Plinth building: office triple storied
  • Tower pulpit: diameter approximately 14 meters
  • Tower top and façade in reinforced-concrete and steel constructions
  • STB-extension cantilever approximately 6 meters
  • Cantilever built with prestressed technique
  • Construction during ongoing flight operations
  • Redundant technical plants
  • High demands relating to limitation of deformation and oscillation
  • Underpinning of neighbouring building with DSI
  • Excavation support with shotcrete and IBO anchor




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