Reconstruction Festspielhaus Salzburg – Haus für Mozart

Salzburg, austria
category: culture


services: structure planning, static, foundation

client: Land Salzburg

Architect: Holzbauer, Valentiny

costs: 34 Mio. €

comissioning: 2006


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Technical description
  • Lowering of the stage tower
  • New construction of the audience area
  • Auditorium was shortened for more than 10 meters
  • Foundation was lowered for 4 meters
  • Numbers of seats increased (250 more seats)
  • New construction of the entire foyer area
  • High windows (over more than one storey) in the main lounge, with view to town
  • The audience space is adapted to acoustical requirements
  • The large terrace in the front is made accessible for the audience
  • New built lounge on the roof with view over the old town and the Salzach river valley




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