Varena Shoppingcenter Vöcklabruck

Vöcklabruck, austria
category: business


services: structure planning, static, foundation

client: SES Spar European

Architect: ATP Architekten (Innsbruck)

costs: 82 Mio. €

comissioning: 2007



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Technical description
  • New construction of the shopping centre Varena
  • Conventional built using reinforced concrete construction
  • Storey ceilings mainly planned and executed as prestressed flat slabs
  • The ceilings are prestressed to reduce deflection, especially in the area of the large spans, in the mall areas without supports and in the entrance areas with projecting reinforced concrete ceiling (Unbonded prestressing method with multi-strands)
  • The mall areas are roofed by a glassed glulam timber beam and steel construction with spans up to 25 meters. A trapezoidal sheet roof with sealing layer, thermal insulation and gavel layer is used in the remaining areas.
  • Approximately 1.350 meters twin-carriers are used as support for the pent and pitched roofs and about 6.450 meters purlins


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