B&P Hotel Salzburg

Salzburg, austria
category: business


services: structure planning, static, foundation

client: DATA-DOMIZIL Bauges mbH (Berlin)

Architect: Wagner

costs: 15 Mio. €

comissioning: 2016

herbrich b04 bpHotel01
herbrich b04 bpHotel02
herbrich b04 bpHotel03
herbrich b04 bpHotel04
herbrich b04 bpHotel05
herbrich b04 bpHotel06


Technical description
  • Construction of an eight-story hotel (E+7) with underground car park
  • Length and width of the building: 25,5 meters
  • Height above ground: about 28,66 meters
  • Single-storied cellar measuring 31,40 to 30,65 meters
  • A later extension (four additional storeys , E+11) is considered
  • The planned link road (parallel to the Salzburger Lokalbahn) will be used for the construction of the underground car park
  • Foundation on micro piles
  • Reinforced excavation pit
  • Basement built as a “White Basin”




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