Budapest Kispest Europark

Budapest, hungary
category: business


services: structure planning, static, restruction 

client: SES, Spar European Shopping Centers

Architect: A & GP - Brunner (Wien)

costs: 80 Mio. €


herb10 kispest01
herb10 kispest02
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Technical description
  • Extensions and conversions of the existing building (partly topping up) and considerable rebuilding works
  • Construction of parking level 2 on the area of “OBI-Baumarkt”
  • Construction of a bridge over Talas Utca connecting the new and the existing buildings
  • Construction of parking level 1 at the existing outdoor parking places at Ulloi Ut
  • Extension and expansion to the existing buildings outside the main entrance and between existing building and PL1
  • Conversion of the existing shopping centre inclusive extensions in some sections




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