Army Logistics Centre Salzburg

Salzburg, austria
category: Infrastructure


services: structure planning, static, foundation

client: Bundesgebäudeverwaltung II

Architect: Hübner

costs: 35 Mio. €

comissioning: 2000

herbrich b12 hva01
herbrich b12 hva02
herbrich b12 hva03
herbrich b12 hva04
herbrich b12 hva05
herbrich b12 hva06
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herbrich b12 hva08


Technical description
  • New large storage facility for the army supply in Salzburg: high-bay warehouse system and administrative wing
  • Storage facility: steel shelf elements are also the bearing structure for the entire building, the whole building is placed on a reinforced concrete slab (on vibrated crushed stone columns) to minimize damage by subsidence
  • Arsenal and Mob Lager as reinforced concrete structure
  • Large-size pallets storage as steel construction
  • Block storage as steel construction
  • Garage construction consists of reinforced concrete stilts (centre distance: approximately 5,50 m) and spanned gluelam frames with a diameter of about 20/200 cm respectively 2 x 20/160 cm (twin-support)
  • A crane runway is mounted below the laminated beams covering the entire hall
  • The reinforced concrete stilts (diameter of approximately 50 x 60 cm) are fixed by sleeve foundation




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