Porsche Vogelweiderstrasse

Salzburg, Austria
category: business


services: structure planning, static, foundation

client: Porsche Immobilien GesmbH

Architect: Widmann (München)

costs: 25 Mio. €

comissioning: 1997

herbrich b13 porsche vogelweiderstrae09
herbrich b13 porsche vogelweiderstrae10
herbrich b13 porsche vogelweiderstrae11
herbrich b13 porsche vogelweiderstrae2
herbrich b13 porsche vogelweiderstrae3
herbrich b13 porsche vogelweiderstrae4
herbrich b13 porsche vogelweiderstrae5
herbrich b13 porsche vogelweiderstrae6
herbrich b13 porsche vogelweiderstrae7
herbrich b13 porsche vogelweiderstrae8


Technical description


  • New construction of the garage and the administration building
  • The garage (80 to 100 meters) is located in southern area of the property, partly with a basement below
  • The administration building consists of three office sections parallel to the Lagerhausstraße connected via a transverse section
  • The entire office wing is built over a single-storey underground car park
  • Excavation and foundation in sea-clay, known to be quite difficult to handle, high levels of groundwater





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