Museum der Moderne - Storage

Koppl, austria
category: culture


services: structure planning, static, foundation

client: Gut Guggenthal Invest GmbH, Gusswerk Sbg GmbH, mework GmbH

Architect: IPC Architekten (Salzburg)

costs: 10 Mio. €

comissioning: 2016

herbrich b23 lagermoderne01
herbrich b23 lagermoderne02
herbrich b23 lagermoderne03
herbrich b23 lagermoderne04
herbrich b23 lagermoderne05
herbrich b23 lagermoderne06
herbrich b23 lagermoderne07
herbrich b23 lagermoderne08
herbrich b23 lagermoderne09
herbrich b23 lagermoderne10


Technical description
  • Art storage
  • Triple-storied building in ferroconcrete skeleton structure
  • The building cuts into the hillside on the upper slope for about eight to nine meters
  • The cut is reduced down the valley up to approximately two to three meters
  • The building is integrated into the hill at all four sides
  • Exterior walls in ferroconcrete
  • From a static-constructive point of view the storage is a so called “reinforced concrete box”




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