Hospital Kufstein

Kufstein, austria
category: health care


services: static calculations, evaluation

client: Gemeindeverband Bezirkskrankenhaus Kufstein/Wörgl

Architect: Gärtner, Neururer (Vöcklabruck)

costs: 50 Mio. €

comissioning: 2014


Technical description
  • Construction of a circular housing area with cellars respectively one garage floor, one ground floor and (at present) three upper floors. One additional level is planned for later extensions
  • Foundation with strip footing (depth of about 4,20 meters, altitude 484,30), referring to zero level of 488,50 meters
  • A partly open garage floor with green roof is planned in the area of the court yard, with access for fire brigade
  • In this area the foundation of the single supports and wall sections is performed by individual foundation and strip foundations
  • In exchange for the planned second level of the underground car park there will be an additional park level at the east, which will be connected to the existing underground car park of the hospital




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