Felsenreitschule - New Construction of the Roof

Salzburg, Austria
Category: Culture


Services: structure planning, static

client: Salzburger Festspiele

Architect: Halle 1 (Salzburg)

costs: 13 Mio. €

comissioning: 2008

heritage protection


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Technical description
  • Construction of a new roof for year-round use
  • The steel construction can be opened like a telescope and can be used scenic
  • The roof construction is inclined and safe to snow load
  • The roof consists of three parts, which can be moved one above another, lying on two fixed edge beams and five telescopic supports
  • The telescopic beams, which are the main beams above the audience, are retracted into box girders when the roof is opened or closed. In the extended position the girders are spanning the whole stage with a span of approximate 29 metres and are fixed in a return guide shoe mounted in the rock face.
  • Framework elements (two parallel truss girders) are used to avoid additional loads on the listed building. This structure enabled the construction of a new room level with floor space of approximately 700 square metres.
  • A steel construction is used for the new escape route.
  • The new stairways were built with reinforced concrete in compliance with the standard requirements for constructional fire protection




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